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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

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The team
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Sekai Animezation© (Sekai, eKa, the organization, our, us, the Magazine) is an fan-made, fan-based organization in what concerns Japanese animation, Western animation, 3D Animation, Visual Novels (Manga or Comics alike), Games, Videogames, Art as well as Art orientated materials.
The purpose of eKa is to publish and distribute over the internet, informational reading material of the areas specified above.

Sekai’s team has at its base variety, since we live in a world of incredible variation, and our goal is to satisfy as many readers as possible, it would stand to reason the publication itself would be varied. The team is composed of Romanians so far; however we are open to signups from any fluent anime-passionate English writer.(Detail will follow at a given time)

As it is that Sekai’s origins go way back to the first Romanian anime-orientated site, as well as the first anime publishing center . Along the years, the publication of became more and more perfected and also inspired others to consider the possibilities of anime publication within Romanian borders. Thus the founders of that publishing collective have decided to start anew:

-A publication with no boundaries, of country or language
-A publication that is not viewed as a mere add-on to a community, but a publishing organism in itself.
-A publication that is not restricted only upon Japanese animation, but has in its range any kind of animation this world has to offer
- A publication that is free, accessible and interactive

Therefore considering the above, Sekai Animezation© will be published not only in Romanian but also in an international English version. Also the above explain our goal and title; this is not a magazine just about anime, but of the anime phenomenon and its impact on the animation world, a magazine about the animezation of the world (note the term sekai).

With the above in mind, we hope you enjoy our magazine, we hope it fits your needs, and if it doesn’t feel free to leave us a comment on the blog as to why.

Thank you for your time,

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