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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Sekai Animezation©(Sekai, eKa, the organization, our, us, the Magazine) is an fan-made, fan-based NON-COMERCIAL organization in what concerns Japanese animation, Western animation, 3D Animation, Visual Novels (Manga or Comics alike), Games, Videogames, Art as well as Art orientated materials.
The purpose of eKa is to publish and distribute over the internet, informational reading material of the areas specified above.

The graphic elements within Sekai Animezation© Magazine belong to our designers and are given to us for publishing with consent from them. The graphic resources (stocks, renders, vectors, brushes, etc.) that appear in the artworks published within the Magazine, either work under creative commons license (since the organization is non-commercial), or are propriety of the designers in what concerns copyright or ownership.

SekaiAz does not claim ownership over the materials presented within its contents, all the appropriate credits are to be given to the authors of that media
The articles of Sekai Animezation© Magazine are propriety of Sekai Animezation©, THE ARTICLES CAN BE PRINTED BY READERS ONLY WITH THE MAGAZINE ITSELF

- The articles may NOT be used by readers in other forms of media (blogs, TV, YouTube, etc)
- The articles may NOT be used by the writers in other forms of media (blogs, TV, YouTube, etc) given that Sekai Animezation© has exclusivity to them(the articles)
- Parts of the articles CAN be used in other forms of media (blogs, TV, YouTube, other publications, etc.) given that they (the parts) are in QUOTES AND there is a LINK TO us (

The Layouts of Sekai Animezation© are NOT to be used by any other party except us.
THE BANNERS, THE LOGOS, and THE MODIFIED STOCKS are all propriety of Sekai Animezation© and MAY NOT be modified or used by other parties except Sekai Animezation© and the Artwork owners

Concerning the artworks

The Artworks within SekaiAnimezation© Magazine can be republished only by their makers or parties that have the maker's consent. This can happen only after a one week exclusivity period when the artworks can only be seen in SekaiAnimezation© Magazine. After that period is done, the Artworks can be republished in any media form but with link or mention to

Concerning the layout

Credits are given at the bottom footer. Also The resources used are:
Banner Stock from Murata Range's Like a Balance Life - 2nd Mix Edition 0.5
Update Graphic Stock from Aria 2006 calendar
Download Graphic Stock from Hyung Tae Kim's Magna Carta
GlowBugs's Tech Brushes
Geoff1917's Brush Set 10
VexingArt's Blood Splatter Brushes

Concerning the backup layout
The layout of Sekai Animezation© is a customized version of Dan Cederholm’s TicTac (Green Version). Customization was made by Cosmin Andrei Palade - Sekai Animezation© founder.
The code of the layout itself applies to Dan Cederholm’s copyright policy. That policy is in no way related to Sekai Animezation©
The Customization of the code as it is seen on MAY NOT be modified or used by other parties in the fact that it was designed exclusively for Sekai Animezation©
The stock in the banner does NOT belong to Sekai Animezation© it is scanned from page 07(seven) of Shin Megami Tensei - Persona 3 Japanese Artbook of who’s author receives all the credit concerning the design of the character and color artwork

Those that break the above agreement concerning copyrights that are outside of Sekai Animezation©'s demands, are out of our responsibility thus Sekai Animezation© can not be held accountable.
Also, those that break the above agreement concerning copyrights imposed by Sekai Animezation© will be dealt with accordingly

Taking into account all of the above we hope we were made clear enough, and it is on these grounds we hope you enjoy our publication

For more information about us visit the About section

The team
Special Thanks

Thank you for your time,

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