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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

To the writers:

I made this post in the virtue of making known to you the categories.
So guys these are the categories, we go on "first come first serve"- or "friendly understanding" you know how to contact me, I'm confident we can work them all out, there's enough for everyone to go around, each one of them is equally important, so let's try and come to some common understandings ok?


As you can see there are a lot of categories with "(Temporary Canceled)" they are for now free
The conditions are that
You will be able to provide at least one full page of Microsoft Word text (14 pt, 1.5 row distance) once a month or for graphics be able to manipulate at least 3 anime pics thosen by you from a batch once a month
De asemenea avem nevoie de traducatori romana-engleza

If you'd like to apply, mail us at

Translator -- romana-engleza (Liber)
Spotlight -- (taken)
Now! -- (taken)
Soundtrack -- (taken)
Studio -- (taken)
Movies -- (taken)
3D -(Temporary taken)
Manga -- (taken)
Mangaka -- (taken)
Comics -- (taken)
Artbooks -- (taken)
Textbooks -- (taken)
Graphic -- (taken)
Games -- (Temporary taken)
Cartoon -- (taken)
Japan -- (taken)
Study -- (taken)
Asian Media -- (taken)
J-music -- (taken)

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