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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Sorry guys as I said English version will take some more time to come out

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A new look, a new feel, a new perspective, a new issue.
The graphics is this issue are far superior to the previous given we've learned how to handle things better.

70 pages
20 articles
10 editors
6 staff members

106% animation quality

this issue brings as much graphic improvement was it does concerning articles. We got a batch of new sections we hope you'll like.
Also this issue sets some standards that we will be setting from now on (you'll see what I mean in #03)
Due to the rather big filesize we were forced to lower the quality on some pages to fit the 100 MB issuu limit
The romanian version of #02 for the reading/taking. good job guys, you kept on time for the most part, fact of which I'm proud.
Proof that it can be done if you're serious about it.
Also I'd like to thank everyone for their continuous support thank you as well as:

All the members of the editor team
All the members of the graphics team

Keeping it coming

For details concerning team signups click here we need talented graphics people and translators

And Now

Because as they say ya snooze, ya loose remeber guys

Check out the Schedule

We got until 3rd nevember to settle the titles for #3 so don't be late

With that being said enjoy everyone, and feel free to drop us comments bellow

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