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Saturday, October 24, 2009

As said, we were theree.
And without further yada here are the pics - click the full screen button in the corner for full view
this is also a great oportunity for us to lunch our Flickr account
this is the set link: What I got:

So first of all I got two cool pins from the Anime Mania Stand (great job guys they look awesome Ergo Proxy for the win)
Note I didn't buy the bag (I had it)
And second, I bought a poster for my door

Looks quite stile-ish nice job Shiva

Links to them - you can get the artworks tomorow if you hurry

Go Away Badge by ~Lucifielle on deviantART

Next AnimeZUP posters:

AZsenshi by ~ShivaTenshitan on deviantART

Axis Powers Hetalia by ~ShivaTenshitan on deviantART

ANIMEZUP by ~ShivaTenshitan on deviantART

ZUPILOID by ~ShivaTenshitan on deviantART

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